The AK-47 is a Tier 4 Assault Rifle available in the game Wasteland 2, based of the real gun called the AK-47 made during the cold war and used to this day.

Stats Edit

T icon W AK47
Type Assault Rifle
Skill Assault Rifle
Ammo 7.62
Capacity 30
Damage 30-50
Critical x 2.4X
Range 22M
AP 5 (single shot), 7 (3 round burst)
Weight 8
Tier 4
Special 10% to bleed out
Can be found around the Temple Of Titan and Valley Of Titan.They are some

Gets outdated by The AK-97

Users Edit

Notes Edit

  • This is one of the strongest weapons found in the Arizona part of the game, competing alongside the M16 and The

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