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WL htds1 007
Wasteland 2 Beta
This page has information from the Wasteland 2 Beta and may not be accurate when the final game is released.
WL ani 111
race: Human
level: Specialist
stats: ST 17 IQ 18 LK 20 SP 13 AGL 14 DEX 15 CHR 13 SKP 6 MAXCON 30
skills: Brawling 2, Climb 2, Clip pistol 2, Demolitions 2, Rifle 2, Silent move 1, SMG 1, Swim 1, Spare Points 6
location: Ugly's Hideout in Quartz.
WL ani 111
Type: Humanoid
EXP: 15
MAXCON: 3-18
AC: 0
Skill: 1
Damage: 2d6
Weapon: Melee
Range: Melee
Group Size: 1
Location: Ugly's Hideout

Ace a recruitable NPC and can be found in a cell in the basement of Ugly's Hideout in Quartz. He has the ability to repair your Jeep.

Wasteland 2Edit

in Wasteland 2 you attend Captain Ace's "retirement party", and investigate his murder.

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