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Wasteland 2 Beta
This page has information from the Wasteland 2 Beta and may not be accurate when the final game is released.


After you have dealt with the emergency in Highpool you head over to the agricultural center. You find the area to be filled with Pods and hostile creatures. You will find Kathy Lawson tangled in plants to the North of the main entrance. She tells you that everyone is dead and that your late response has warranted this. She is very reluctant to give you information and you are unable to save her from the plants. After you have finished talking to you the plant will crush her eliminating the possibility of talking to her.

The Agricultual Center will be crawiling with Pod People. They will not be hostile to you however, you should still avoid them as they can spread disease. There is a cure to the west for it.

Dialog ChoicesEdit

  • Monitor radio for calls about spreading infection.
    • find serum - 10 doses
all choices
Kathy Lawson
  • Point
    • Matt
      • Exploding pods
        • Pod people
        • Hit
          • Serum - log book
      • Larsen
    • Rose
    • Next
  • Now
    • Killer tomatoes
      • Plants
        • Sabotage
        • Insects
        • Spread
          • Sue
          • Pigeons
      • People
        • Worse
  • Ag Center
  • Cure
  • Goodbye - end


WL2 Ag Center Killing Fields Destroyed Map Walkthrough
  • hostiles and exploding pods
  • Serum to the West
  • Door to central complex



Pic Name Location Info
WL2PortraitDefaultEnemyExploding podseverywherePod Infection
Wl2 portrait ranger06Kathy Lawson1st fencedialog
Wl2 portrait maggot01Infected Megamaggot x2Ehostile
Wl2 portrait fly01Infected Supafly x2Ehostile
Wl2 portrait infected 01Infected Pod Person x2Nhostile
Wl2 portrait fly01Infected Supafly x2NEhostile
Wl2 portrait rabbit01Giant Rabbit x3NWhostile
Wl2 portrait infected 01Infected Pod Person x3Whostile
Wl2 portrait fly01Infected Supafly x2Whostile


  • Unity file name: AZ01_KillingFields_Destroyed.unity3d

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