Agricultural Center tactical full map

Agricultural CenterEdit

  • S - AG Shop
  • x - Rotten tomato attack while Harry is still alive
  • H - Harry the bunny master
  • m - Old man
  • T - Tunnel exit
  • Fixed Encounters
  • Loot: If you take the loot the AG shop will close
    • NE: crowbar, fruit
    • W: club
    • SE: fruit

Root Cellar and Dark Tunnel tactical full map

Root CellarEdit

  • C - to AG center
  • p - paragraph 6
  • Loot:
    • N: Plastic explosive
    • E: 9mm clip
    • Mid W: 2 VP91Z
    • S: Grenade

Dark TunnelEdit

  • A - to AG center
  • D - to Desert in front of AG center
  • Fixed Encounters
  • Loot:
    • N: fruit
    • E: Grenade

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