Wl2 portrait Bear
gender: Female
age: 29
specialization: Hunter
religion: None
smokes: None
ethnicity: American
level: 1
hp: 23
attributes: CO 5, LU 3, AW 6, ST 3, SP 2, IN 7, CH 2
skills: Outdoorsman 2, Assault Rifles 2, Field Medic 1, Hard Ass 1

Bear is one of the nine pre-made characters to choose from when starting Wasteland 2.

The daughter of hunter-trappers from north of Ranger Citadel, Bear would never have left the wilderness except for the mutants that murdered her family. She joined the rangers when they helped her get revenge, and she never went back. Living in that empty house was just too painful.

Equipped with a M1, 20 5.56 mm Ammo, 2 Pocket Medic Pack, Pain Relievers and a party Canteen.

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