Bomb disarm
IQ req 15
Skill Points 2,4,8,16,32,64,128,255
Attribute Intelligence

Bomb Disarm: Allows you to defuse most explosive devices.


  • Quartz/Ugly's Hideout - If you refuse Ugly John's offer to release Felicia in exchange for letting him go, you'll have to disarm the bomb. This will require two successful checks!
  • Quartz/Stage Coach Inn - In one of the rooms, there is an explosive boobytrap protecting a stash of weapons and other gear.
  • Needles/Ammo bunker - There's a number of explosives on a back shelf in the ammo bunker - be careful!
  • Guardian Citadel - In the Guardian's Armory, after you've looted all of the items on the energy weapon rack, you'll discover you're standing on a trap!


Wasteland manual

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