The Flag of California

California was one of the pre-war states of the United States of America.


During the War, Los Angeles was hit by several Soviet missiles.

Needles, before the war, was a small town with an ICBM missile silo and a missile storage base within city limits. Naturally, it was a high priority target for the Russian-Chinese invasion and came under heavy attack from the invading forces. The silo crew managed to launch, though, and destroyed the launch room with explosives afterwards. While the invasion was repelled, most of the US forces were destroyed in the process, Needles was wrecked, and the flood that occurred when the Hoover Dam, Nevada was hit contributed to this. Years passed and, albeit slowly, prosperity came back. A powerful police force was established to control crime, operating out of the abandoned military base. Mostly ex-military personnel, they rebuilt most of the base and established their attack cop squadrons.

Known LocationsEdit