Damage 6d6
Range Short
Skill Brawling
Buy / Sell $500 / $250

A Chainsaw is a portable mechanical saw, usually powered by a two-stroke engine. Chainsaws are mostly used for cutting wood, especially trees, although some chainsaws are specially designed to cut through concrete. In real life, a chainsaw makes for a rather unwieldy but deadly weapon; however, the potential danger to the operator when used in such a fashion limits the use of chainsaws as weapons to horror movies and video games.

Chainsaws can be purchased at the Black Market located South West of Darwin Village.

In-Game UsesEdit

In Wasteland, the chainsaw serves as the most powerful melee weapon short of the Proton ax, which is a bit more than twice as powerful as a chainsaw. Chainsaws are in turn twice as powerful as lesser melee weapons, such as the Ax, Club, Crowbar, Sledge hammer, Pick ax, Shovel or Knife. Use of a chainsaw is covered under the Brawling skill.

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