The Children of the Citadel is a faction based around Seal Beach and one of the most powerful factions in the California regions. They are the main antagonists of Wasteland 2 and especially of the California part Of The Campaign

The group is lead by a man named Matthias, who actually is one half of the computer brain Cochise along with Dugan.

History Edit

The Desert Rangers arrival Edit

When squad echo and the Desert Rangers come into califorina, it changes up the dynamics of how

Equipment Edit

The Children of The Citadel are very well armed, equipped with some of the biggest bits of equipment as well as the most energy weapons

Locations Edit

The Children of The Citadel are a major player in the California region of the game, though elements have moved westard into Arizona.

California Edit

Arizona Edit

Members Edit

Notes Edit

  • For users whose rangers have high armor values, be very careful. Their Energy weapons will do an absurd amount of damage to your troops and can very easily kill your members if you are not careful. Maximize cover or prioritize who you kill.

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