Wl2 Portrait Chisel
gender: Male
age: 72
specialization: Custom
religion: None
smokes: Red Rooster
ethnicity: Native American
level: 10
hp: 137
attributes: CO 6, LU 3, AW 3, ST 8, SP 5, IN 2, CH 2
skills: Blunt Weapons 6, Hard Ass 3, Brute Force 3
location: Rail Nomads Camp
 Chisel starts with a crowbar, steel plate armor, extra strength pain relievers, and a jar of pickles.  His base rogue chance is 50%. 
How bad was Chisel in his youth? Just ask him. Even if he only hid half the crimes he claims he has, he would still be the baddest bad man ever to walk the west. Unfortunately he doesn't walk so well these days, so he's hung up his black hat and gone legit

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