Clone tech
IQ req 22
Skill Points 3,6,12,24,48,96,192,255
Attribute Intelligence

Clone tech is a skill that requires access to the Sleeper Base (and thus fixing Max in the Sewers below Las Vegas). You'll need Secpass 3 to access the room where the book is and 3 free skill points to learn how to make your very own Cloning fluid.

Where Is The Book?Edit

You can find the book in the Sleeper Base (found in the far northeast corner of the main map). The book is in the far southeast room of the first floor of the Sleeper Base.

What Do I Need to Make a Clone?Edit

You will need:

  • A character with the Clone tech skill.
  • A Jug.
  • Access to the cloning machines in the Sleeper Base.
  • A character worth cloning.

Remember: a clone is born with all the Attributes (yes, including unspent Skill Points and trained-up skills) of the clone's parent. Choose your clone's parent wisely!

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