Wl2 portrait coldeye-1
gender: Male
age: 36
specialization: Sniper
religion: None
smokes: None
ethnicity: Russian
level: 1
hp: 23
attributes: CO 7, LU 2, AW 7, ST 3, SP 5, IN 3, CH 1
skills: Sniper Rifles 2, Mechanical Repair 2, Weaponsmithing 2

Cold-Eye is one of the nine pre-made characters to choose from when starting Wasteland 2.

A veteran of several raider gangs and militias, Cold-Eye is a quiet, distant man who decided to switch sides after his last gang wiped out an entire village, children and all. Now he's making amends, one dead raider at a time.

Equipped with Hunting Rifle, 12 .30-06 cal Ammo, Pain Relievers and a party Canteen.

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