The Courthouse is the main base of the gang run by Ugly John. It's located in Quartz, just northwest of the graveyard in the southeast corner of the map. Directly to the northeast of the Courthouse is Ugly John's Hideout.

Thugs at the door will ask for a password (attained from Laurie). The password is MUERTE.


Random encounters are possible within the Courthouse: there are also several planned fights. Ugly John's Henchmen, Huey, Dewey and Louie are here: taking them out and taking their bracelets will reveal the code to Ugly's safe

Dan CitrineEdit

Dan Citrine is a recruitable NPC found in the Courthouse. When the adventurers arrive, Danny Boy is being interrogated by Huey & Dewey while Louie stands guard. To get Dan Citrine, you'll need to sneak up on Louie and knock him out. If you fight Louie, Huey and Dewie will hear the noise and kill poor Danny Boy.

Mayor PedrosEdit

Mayor Pedros is another recruitable NPC found in the Courthouse. He'll be in a cell on the top floor. Really, he's a lot better than Dan Citrine, although if you have open slots in your party, you may want to bring Danny Boy along just to provide another warm body for Ugly's goons to shoot at...

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