Fountain of Dreams organization
DeSoto Family
An advertisement for the family's rum
founder(s): DeSoto Family Members
leader(s): Irwin DeSoto (2048)
headquarters: DeSoto Compound, Miami, Florida
Lurleen DeSoto
Mario DeSoto
Imelda DeSoto

The DeSoto Family is a organization in Florida in 2048.


The DeSotos are bootleggers, distilling and bottling potent rum in their fortress-like compound, and distributing it throughout the island. While it is rumored that there is dissension within the family itself, clan patriarch Irwin DeSoto still maintains rigid control over his dynasty's illicit potables. Another longstanding rumor concerns the purported salubrious properties of the family brew, that it may even contain the rare curative liquid known as Water of Dreams.

In 2048, the Miami Police Department commissioned an adventuring party to destroy the DeSoto Family bottling plant within their compound. The plant was destroyed, thus ending the family's rum-manufacturing capabilities from there on out.

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