Wasteland organization
Desert Rangers
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A Desert Ranger
founder(s): A company of U.S. Army Engineers
headquarters: Ranger Center (1998-2089)
Ranger Citadel (2089-2102)
Radio Tower (2102)
Player characters
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The Ranger Center

The Desert Rangers are one of the most influential factions in the Wasteland, despite their relatively small size. Established in the image of the Texas and Arizona Rangers, their primary aim is helping survivors of the nuclear devastation rebuild and step forward into the future.

History Edit

The Rangers originated from a company of U.S. Army Engineers, who were tasked with building transportation bridges over dry riverbeds in the southwestern deserts. Deep within the inhospitable desert valleys, their only neighbors were a number of survivalist communities and a newly constructed Death Row, housing some of the nation's criminals sentenced to death as well as light industrial manufacturing facilities.

When the Soviet Union and USA jumped at each others' throats with nuclear weapons in 1998, following the Citadel fiasco, the Engineers entered the prison, taking control of it and banished the inmates to the surrounding deserts, to free up space and let them complete their sentences. With time, they invited nearby survivalist communities to join them. Wary at first, eventually these settlements joined the Engineers in the facility, now named the Ranger Center, eventually making it one of the strongest outposts in the wastes.

Initially believing to be the sole survivors of the nuclear holocaust, the inhabitants of Ranger Center soon realized it was not true - other cities in the area survived, Quartz, Needles and even the Jewel of the Desert - Las Vegas. Compelled to help these struggling post-apocalyptic settlements, the inhabitants of the Ranger Center reformed into the Desert Rangers - to rebuild and reestablish human civilization in the wastelands.

By 2087, Nevada has stabilized enough to support several communities, and the Rangers are a known presence in the deserts. Many cities welcomed their help in the past and will gladly welcome it again. The greatest of Ranger deeds, the destruction of the robotic menace of Base Cochise, started with a small squad investigating a series of disturbances in the desert.

Equipment Edit

Desert rangers

The Desert Rangers rely primarily on what they manufacture, however, they also have access to military supplies, including sidearms, assault rifles and long range radios. Commonly, a Ranger in the field wears a light green battle dress uniform with a PASGT helmet for protection plus any armor they might find.

Members of Importance Edit

  • General Vargas- Original member in Wasteland, in Wasteland 2 is Commander of all Desert Ranger activity.
  • Angela Deth- Original member of squad in Wasteland, a recruitable Ally in Wasteland 2
  • Thrasher- Original member of squad in Wasteland, in Wasteland 2 known as Gilbert Sagarra, he is the Cartographer near the Museum in Ranger Citadel.
  • Echo Squad- The Protagonist unit of Wasteland 2
  • Delta Squad- The squad the Rangers send to go after units that behave poorly and against ranger code

Locations affiliated with The Rangers Edit