Wasteland 2 organization
Diamondback Militia
WL2 Arizona Citizens Militia Flag
founder(s): Captain Cliff Sadler
leader(s): Captain Cliff Sadler
Lieutenant Bridewell
headquarters: Canyon of Titan military bunker, Eastern Arizona

The Arizona Citizen's Militia, or Diamondback Militia, is a faction formed by men and women from eastern Arizona in order to provide protection for local people. They are a military unit stationed around the Temple of Titan. The Organization competes with the Mad Monks for control over the Valley. Their goal and objective is to control the Valley, though their plans after that are uncertain.

Quests Edit

  1. Launch Nuke at The Mad Monks

Locations Edit

Equipment Edit

The Diamondback Militia are arguably one of the best outfitted units in Arizona, comprising many weapons and armor that are on par with the Mad Monks. For

Members Edit

Notes Edit

Be prepared for serious fighting when you come up against these guys and start bringing in a more versatile array of gear, you will need it.

Also, it should be noted that the Achievement Fight Fire With Fire is obtainable by them and helps determine what goes on in the wasteland.

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