Faran Brygo
WL ani 218
Type: Humanoid
EXP: 400
MAXCON: 20-100
AC: 4
Skill: 30
Damage: 3d6+10
Weapon: Automatic
Range: Med
Group Size: 1
Location: Brygo's Hideout

Faran Brygo is the name of one of the major characters in Wasteland. He was a big crime boss in Las Vegas after the Holocaust. Arch enemy of Fat Freddy, the other crime boss in Las Vegas. If you kill him for Fat Freddy, you get an Onyx ring from his corpse. Faran Brygo is a mixed up spelling of Brian Fargo, the project leader of Wasteland at Interplay.

His hideout is located in the first brown building on the asphalt road to the east of the Scorpitron boss.

The password into his hideout is "KESTREL"

Tell the guards outside his door that Crumb sent you