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Wasteland 2 Beta
This page has information from the Wasteland 2 Beta and may not be accurate when the final game is released.
WL ani 130
race: Human
level: Private 1st class
stats: ST 12 IQ 13 LK 13 SP 10 AGL 9 DEX 11 CHR 13 SKP 3 MAXCON 16
skills: Climb 2, Clip pistol 1, Forgery 2,

Picklock 2, Knife fight 1, Swim 2,

location: Needles Ugly's Hideout
WL ani 130
Type: Humanoid
EXP: 6
AC: 0
Skill: 1
Damage: 1d6
Weapon: Melee
Range: Melee
Group Size: 1
Location: Ugly's Hideout

Felicia is the wife of Mayor Pedros, she is being held against her will by Ugly John when the player encounters her. She is a recruitable NPC.

Wasteland 2Edit

At the beginning there is a grave marker for Technical Captain Felicia Pedros