Capacity 60
Damage 11d6
Range Medium
Buy / Sell $3000 / $1500

A flamethrower as shown in Wasteland is a man-portable device capable of throwing a stream of fire a short distance. Flamethrowers are used in military and agricultural applications, being equally able to set a tank or a field on fire. Flamethrowers used by the military usually spray burning liquids; those used by civilians usually spray a plume of compressed natural gas or propane, which is considered safer.

Unfortunately, in Wasteland, the flamethrower cannot be reloaded, and thus is often passed over in favor of energy weapons and guns. In can be reloaded by selling it and then buying a new one.

Comparison With Other WeaponsEdit

Since the initial price is $3,000, but you get half that cost back when you sell the weapon, each shot works out to approximately $25. Considering that the damage is much higher than anything short of energy weapons, you may actually get some use out of this, although its lack of an associated skill may lead to a number of missed shots. Also, while real flamethrowers are excellent at spreading damage around, the Wasteland version is semi-auto only, and thus hits one target at a time.

As such, you'll probably find the various Assault Rifles etc more efficient for cleaning up mobs of low-level trash. However, its large magazine size and the fact that everything "weighs" the same in Wasteland for inventory purposes may make it useful later, especially in replays. After money ceases to be an object, you may find it amusing to stock spare flamethrowers instead of 7.62mm clips and incinerate everything in the Wasteland you see!

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