Florida Flag

The Flag of Florida

Florida was a pre-war state of the United States of America in Fountain of Dreams.


Note: The following section contains information from Fountain of Dreams and has not been confirmed as canon.

Direct nuclear hits on Atlanta, Georgia and several military installations nearby triggered a seismic backlash that jarred the Floridian peninsula loose from the mainland just below the panhandle; a line drawn from Daytona Beach to Ocala roughly describes the line of separation. Because of the presence of Cape Canaveral, which America's enemies wished to preserve for their own use, central Florida was hit with neutron and chemical weapons. There was thus little physical damage to the region, although life was obliterated from the area. This cataclysm became known as The Change.

Florida's main urban center, Miami, took a secondary nuclear salvo and was reduced nearly to rubble. The survivors soon split into factions.

Known LocationsEdit

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