The Guardians of the Old Order are a fanatical sect entirely devoted to preserving and hoarding technology, led by Cardinal Scott. They are extremely xenophobic, to the point of shooting dead anyone they perceive as infidel unworthy of wielding technology (e.g. any non-Guardian). Unlike organizations that exist to find, maintain and use technology, the Guardians instead stock and almost worship it. They are obsessed with pre-War times to the point of carving excerpts from advertisements and junk mail into the walls of the Citadel.

Equipment Edit

They are one of the most powerful factions in the wastes, equipped with energy weaponry, advanced melee weapons such as the chainsaw or proton ax and wear black powered armor suits.

The Guardians also hold the Quasar, Nova, Pulsar and Blackstar keys from Base Cochise that are essential to triggering the base's self-destruct system, indicating that they are in some way connected to the base.

Ranks Edit

The ranks are divided basing on role an experience. The rank-and-file members are just Brothers or Sisters. Higher ranking Guardians are referred to as Adepts, then Masters and finally, the highest rank is Cardinal. High ranking scholars are called Monks, while the overseers of the jail are Jailers and Wardens.

The Citadel Edit

Main article: Guardian Citadel

Their base of operations is a massive Citadel built into the side of a mountain in a valley in Arizona. The outer walls of the Citadel are made from obsidian and arch over the field in front of them like frozen waves. Watchtowers on their tops are patrolled by Guardians with energy weapons. Red flags mark the point beyond which Guardians stop warning and start shooting. Inside, most walls are carved from native rock, while the outer fortifications are antique and reinforced with layered stone.

Speculation Edit

  • The Guardians get their food and water from the outside, trading small amounts of their preserved technology for necessary supplies and tools. The red flags mark how close can the traders come before they will be shot at. The exchange occurs when the traders leave their stuff, backtrack, Guardians take the supplies and leave the technology in return.
  • Guardians are extremely xenophobic, but venture to the outside to gather more technology to preserve. Due to their aggressiveness, no one lived long enough to tell anybody about their escapades.
  • The entire facility is powered by a geothermal power plant (volcanic rock).
  • The Citadel was a military base once, but was expanded and modified by the Guardians ever since the great war.
  • The Guardians are descendant from US military personnel and Base Cochise personnel that abandoned their bases in the aftermath of the nuclear war and Chinese invasion.