Home Compound view from the main map.

The Home Compound is your player party's starting safe zone for Fountain of Dreams. Every new game begins in this area as it is the player's home. The main character's parents are conspicuously absent from the area which may be part of the reason why the adventuring party is formed in the first place. The game is never very clear about your starting motivations.

Compound LayoutEdit

Fod 000

Bird's eye view of the area.

The layout of the area is very simple with there only being two huts. The hut on the left belongs to Dr. DeMedici, who is the best doctor in the game. He offers his healing services to the player party for free and can even cure mutations. In fact he is the only doctor on the island capable of dealing with mutations which makes him invaluable to an adventuring party in a nuclear wasteland. However, players should avoid using his healing services unless absolutely necessary (see the spoilers section at the bottom of the page for more info).
Fod docmedici

The doctor looks crazy but he's one of the friendliest people you'll meet and certainly the best doctor around.

The hut on the right is your home and you can store extra party members here but not much else. Junior, your little brother, and Ignatz Krebs, your father's best friend, are recruitable NPCs that are visible on the map at the start of the game. They carry decent equipment so the player should recruit them for their gear if nothing else.

Spoiler Free section ends here, scroll downwards only if you do not mind plot developments being ruined.Edit

During the opening dialogues with the NPCs they'll mention to the player that there are dangerous clowns running around out in the woods and the player should steer clear of them. The doctor ups the foreshadowing by mentioning that the compound is the only safe place against the Krazy Clowns but he doubts it will remain safe. As soon as you use Dr. DeMedici's healing services once it sets in motion a randomly occurring event where the Krazy Clowns attack and destroy the compound. When this occurs Dr. DeMedici and any party member NPC stored in your home will be killed. The only way to stop this from occurring is to not use the doctor's services.

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