General Information. Edit

The honey badger is a sub species of the badger, and is known for its aggressive nature and omnivorous diet. Honey badgers are dangerous creatures and have no trouble taking on a squad of rangers, if it so desires.

There is no Honey badger species that is native to the US, so how and where these Honey Badgers came from is still a mystery. Whatever the case, they should be handled with extreme care.

The honey badger is an animal enemy in Wasteland 2. Armored and with high CON, these annoying creatures can spell the early doom of an inexperienced ranger team. Usually attacking in groups of 2 or more, honey badgers are slow, but make up for this by having a thick hide, which makes them difficult to take down with kinetic weaponry.

During the course of the Arizona part of the game, honey badgers are a common occurrence, and can in many ways be more tough to take down than similarly leveled human opponents, as they will try and get in close to your Rangers, leaving people with assaults rifles or sniper rifles woefully overwhelmed.

Tactical Analysis Edit

When fighting a Honey Badger, it is a good idea to use Laser weaponry, as it more easily penetrates the creature's thick hide, while also giving a damage boost due to the armor penetrating abilities of laser weaponry.

Explosives are another effective option for dealing with Honey Badgers, as the damage dealt be explosive weapons ignores armor.

Whenever possible, do not let Honey badgers get too close. They have enough AP to attack twice and they can take down a ranger with about 100 CON in about 4-5 hits. DO NOT try to engage in melee combat with them, as they are far better equipped for that, than rangers are. By the time that a Ranger team can effectively handle Honey badgers in close combat, it is less time and resource intensive to just shoot them from a distance.

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