Fountain of Dreams organization
Killer Clowns
A Killer Clown
founder(s): Kermit Eli
headquarters: Killer Clown Kollege, Florida
Kiwi Eli

The Killer Clowns, also known as the Krazy Klowns, were a gang on the island of Florida founded shortly after the Change.


The Killer Clowns were a gang founded shortly after the Change by Kermit Eli and his family in the bombed out ruins of Florida. As a gang, they quickly rose to power, capitalizing on the chaos and anarchy of the island.

The Clowns perverted the slapstick humor of their forefathers, taking its feigned violence literally and expanding it into the martial art Slap-Fu. They would roam the island, extending the power of their ancient but and dangerous founder, Kermit Eli, and his demented family. The Clowns were extremely secretive, and their pantomime communication with each other was said to be impenetrable to outsiders. They were highly skilled in the use any kind of weapon, and unusually fond of the bizarre, such as steel-toed flap shoes, rubber chickens stuffed with ball bearings, spike-studded brickbats, and seltzer bottles filled with acid.

In 2048, the Killer Clown College was raided by a brave band of adventurers. Their founder and leader, Kermit Eli, as well as a large portion of their numbers, were killed. Shortly thereafter, this party had to fight off remnants of the Clowns standing between them and the Fountain of Youth. Kiwi Eli, daughter of Kermit and heir to the throne, was killed in the conflict.

For the most part, the Clowns have been destroyed.

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