When you start out a new character in Wasteland, that character starts out as a Private. As the character gains experience, the character will be promoted when the party radios in to base. It's worth noting that in the first twelve levels, the name of the rank changes at each level. At Sergeant and beyond, however, two or more levels are required to change actual rank. Curiously, in Wasteland, First Lieutenant is considered a lower rank than Second, which is the opposite of progression in the Armed Forces.

Rank by LevelEdit

2Private First Class1024
4Senior Specialist6144
6Lance Corporal15360
7Command Corporal21504
9Fire Grenadier36864
10Grenadier Major46080
11Master Grenadier56320
14Technical Sergeant93184
15Technical Sergeant107520
16Sergeant Major122880
17Sergeant Major139264
18Master Sergeant156672
19Master Sergeant175104
20Sergeant Argeant194560
21Sergeant Argeant215040
24Cadet Specialist282624
25Cadet Specialist307200
26Combat Cadet332800
27Combat Cadet359424
28Command Cadet387072
29Command Cadet415744
321st Lieutenant507904
331st Lieutenant540672
34Fireteam Lieutenant574464
35Fireteam Lieutenant609280
36Fireteam Lieutenant645120
372nd Lieutenant681984
382nd Lieutenant719872
392nd Lieutenant758784
40Lieutenant Argent798720
41Lieutenant Argent839680
42Lieutenant Argent881664
46Combat Captain1059840
47Combat Captain1106944
48Combat Captain1155072
49Technical Captain1204224
50Technical Captain1254400
51Technical Captain1305600
52Command Captain1357824
53Command Captain1411072
54Command Captain1465344
55Captain Argent1520640
56Captain Argent1576960
57Captain Argent1634304
61Fireteam Major1873920
62Fireteam Major1936384
63Fireteam Major1999872
64Specialist Major2064384
65Specialist Major2129920
66Specialist Major2196480
67Technical Major2264064
68Technical Major2332672
69Technical Major2402304
70Major Argent2472960
71Major Argent2544640
72Major Argent2617344
73Lance Colonel2691072
74Lance Colonel2765824
75Lance Colonel2841600
76Lance Colonel2918400
77Lieutenant Colonel2996224
78Lieutenant Colonel3075072
79Lieutenant Colonel3154944
80Lieutenant Colonel3235840
81Fireteam Colonel3317760
82Fireteam Colonel3400704
83Fireteam Colonel3484672
84Fireteam Colonel3569664
85Division Colonel3655680
86Division Colonel3742720
87Division Colonel3830784
88Division Colonel3919872
89Colonel Argent4009984
90Colonel Argent4101120
91Colonel Argent4193280
92Colonel Argent4286464
93Lance Commander4380672
94Lance Commander4475904
95Lance Commander4572160
96Lance Commander4669440
97Lieutenant Commander4767744
98Lieutenant Commander4867072
99Lieutenant Commander4967424
100Lieutenant Commander5068800
105Technical Commander5591040
106Technical Commander5698560
107Technical Commander5807104
108Technical Commander5916672
109Force Commander6027264
110Force Commander6138880
111Force Commander6251520
112Force Commander6365184
113Brigadier General6479872
114Brigadier General6595584
115Brigadier General6712320
116Brigadier General6830080
117Lieutenant General6948864
118Lieutenant General7068672
119Lieutenant General7189504
120Lieutenant General7311360
121Major General7434240
122Major General7558144
123Major General7683072
124Major General7809024
125Technical General7936000
126Technical General8064000
127Technical General8193024
128Technical General8323072
129General Argent8454144
130General Argent8586240
131General Argent8719360
132General Argent8853504
133General Argent8988672
134General Argent9124864
135General Argent9262080
136General Argent9400320
137General Argent9539584
138General Argent9679872
139Imperial Scarscalp9821184
140General Argent9963520
141General Argent10106880
142General Argent10251264
143General Argent10396672
144General Argent10543104
145General Argent10690560
146General Argent10839040
147General Argent10988544
148General Argent11139072
149General Argent11290624
1501st Class Fargo11443200
151General Argent11596800
152General Argent11751424
153General Argent11907072
154General Argent12063744
155General Argent12221440
156General Argent12380160
157General Argent12539904
158General Argent12700672
159General Argent12862464
160General Argent13025280
161Photon Stud13189120
162General Argent13353984
163General Argent13519872
164General Argent13686784
165General Argent13854720
166General Argent14023680
167General Argent14193664
168General Argent14364672
169General Argent14536704
170General Argent14709760
171General Argent14883840
172Revenant Argent15058944
173General Argent15235072
174General Argent15412224
175General Argent15590400
176General Argent15769600
177General Argent15949824
178General Argent16131072
179General Argent16313344
180General Argent16496640
181General Argent16680960
182General Argent16866304
183Supreme Jerk17052672

Maximum Rank: Level 183 - Supreme JerkEdit

Yes, the highest rank is indeed, "Supreme Jerk". This title invites speculation into what Brian Fargo and his team's thoughts were, but unfortunately, no information is available at this time.

It's probably due to the fact that it almost impossible to advance that high without cheating in some form or another.