The M4 Carbine is a weapon in Wasteland 2 that belongs under the classification of Assault Rifles. a noticeable upgrade in terms of firepower available and damage done and is the of the tier 2 assault weapons

Stats Edit

M4 Carbine
T icon W CAR15
Type Assault Rifle
Skill Assualt Rifle
Ammo 5.56mm
Capacity 30
Damage 19-27
Critical x 1.
Range 20M
AP 5 for single shot, 8 for 3 round burst
Weight 8
Tier 2

A strong preformer early in the game, the M4 Carbine is a staple for many a roaming gangs and mercs around the area of it.

Notes Edit

This is the first legitimate assault rifle findable in the wasteland, with it having the ability to actually go full automatic and a decent Armour piercing ability.

It also has a named variant in the Game called Sweetness, it can be found on a body at Cerritos

Users Edit

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