Metal Maniac
WL ani 240
race: Human
level: Command Corporal
stats: ST 19 IQ 20LK 18 SP 17 AGL 19 DEX 20 CHR 18 SKP 4 MAXCON 40
skills: AT weapon 3, Brawling 2,

Bomb disarm 1, Climb 1, Cryptology 1, Perception 3, Metallurgy 4, Safecrack 1, SMG 3, Toaster repair 2,

location: Darwin Village Black Gilva Tavern
Metal Maniac
WL ani 240
Type: Humanoid
EXP: 10
MAXCON: 2-12
AC: 0
Skill: 8
Damage: 2d6+3
Weapon: Automatic
Range: Med
Group Size: 1-10
Location: Darwin

Metal Maniac can be found in the Black Gilva Tavern located in Darwin Village. He and Mad Dog Fargo are both sick and are lying down at the back of the tavern. The player can cure them with Antitoxin and recruit both of these NPCs.

Wasteland 2Edit

At the beginning there is a grave marker for Lieutenant Commander Metal Maniac

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