Fountain of Dreams organization
Miami Police Department
Miami Police
Patch of the Miami Police Department
founder(s): The City of Miami
leader(s): Tockett and Crubbs (2048)
headquarters: Miami

The Miami Police Department or MPD, often referred to as the City of Miami Police, is the chief police department of the city of Miami, Florida.


In the 1980s, Miami's criminal underworld grew to be more powerful than even its police force. The Bahia Mafia, ruling criminal power of Miami, likely dealed primarily in drugs. The city was known by many to be a major cocaine trans-shipment point for South America, but it is likely that the Drug Wars ended this due to the war with Central and South American nations.

The Miami Police Department were the last forces keeping Miami together before the atomic war in 1998.

During the war, the city took a secondary nuclear salvo and was reduced nearly to rubble. The survivors soon split into factions and the former resort city is now something like a latter-day Beirut. In this fractious atmosphere, with its assortment of gangs, sects, mobs, cults, conspiracies, and raiding parties, only one force seeks to restore law, order, and cohesion: the Miami Police.

By 2048, the co-chiefs of the police force, Tockett and Crubbs, are known and feared throughout the city. They use informers and infiltrators to penetrate marauding gangs, uncover their plans, and slaughter them in masses before they are able to carry out nefarious crimes. The chiefs have skimmed a considerable layer of criminal scum from the streets with these tactics but they have also made themselves hated targets. Tockett and Crubbs are said to have enormous bounties on their heads and are now never seen in public.

The fact that the Bahia Mafia is so open, even blatant, in their activities lends some credence to the rumors of police corruption in the Sunshine City.

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