Needles policestation map

The Needles Police Station is a good first stop for loot and experience. While a very early party may not be quite prepared to handle the mobs of cyborg police officers in the four big rooms, they might want to show the Detective the Ruby ring found on the body in the Ammo Bunker - he'll tell the party to go visit the Mushroom Priest in SE Needles.


Mort is cooling his heels in one of the cells along the NE wall. Spring him and hire him if you like: Mort has way better base stats than Ralf in the Temple of Blood, but starts with no combat skills except Brawling 1. Fortunately, he starts with five free Skill Points.


Notable LootEdit

In the SE corner of the building is the Armory.  While you can pick the lock to the door, this will start a fight with the Auto Rifle robot, which can be really brutal for a starting party.  Therefore, it's probably easier to pick the locks to the other three rooms nearby, and search along the wall for the switch.  Set the switch to "0" and the door to the armory should open.  Easy!

The Armory contains at least one Uzi SMG Mark 27 and one Mac 17 SMG, as well as a number of 9mm clips and 45 clips

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