Needles wastepit 1 map
Needles wastepit 2 map
Needles wastepit 3 map

The Waste Pit is located in the SW (lower left) corner of Needles. Should you take the ladder down into the darkness, you'll find yourself attacked by various worms. Don't forget to bring at least five chunks of TNT for breaching doors!



The first floor just has a central railing between the two sets of stairs and a side room with nothing of interest in it.  Just go downstairs.

The second floor has a similar central railing near the entry stairs, with two ways to go - south (down) and east (right).  Either way will require you to breach doors (TNT works well for this).  If you're looking for loot, go east and take the corridor north (up) - you'll need to breach two doors to get to the stairs down.

The third floor also requires breaching of doors.  You'll have two doors immediately in front of you, followed by a main room after you turn the corner which contains the Pit Ghoul - fortunately, there's only one!  Also, don't step on the square containing the barrel, you'll get radiation poisoning!

There are two rooms beyond this - one to the south, and one to the north. The southern room contains armor and weapons; the northern room contains junked radio equipment.

Notable LootEdit

The Waste Pit is a must-visit location for starting parties looking for armor and automatic weapons, specifically M1989A1 Nato assault rifles and a few Rad suits.

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