Fountain of Dreams organization
Obeah Orders
OhOh Cultist
An OhOh Cultist
founder(s): Unknown
headquarters: OhOh Temple, Miami, Florida (2048)
Big Daddy
Felix Brewho
Lupe Garu
TomTom Mahut

The Obeah Orders is a cult operating on the island of Florida in 2048.


The mysterious Obeah Orders is a transplanted Caribbean voodoo cult. The Obeahs, known locally as the OhOhs, may seem a benign though eccentric clique to the uninformed. Indeed, their readiness to share their healing skills may even make them seem to be a force for good. But those who ally themselves to the OhOhs are said to have access to powerful, arcane, and not altogether innocent concoctions full of 'magic'. It is whispered that dark and bloody rituals are practiced in their guarded temple, while subtle yet deadly curses afflict those who defy or oppose the Obeahs.


The Obeahs appear only in Fountain of Dreams.

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