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IQ req 6
Skill Points 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,255
Attribute Intelligence

Perception : Helps the character find concealed items and notice when things are out of the ordinary. No one should be without it.

Awareness of your surroundings. High Perception makes the smallest detail obvious: the locked drawer under the desk, or the crease in the wall that indicates the presence of a secret door. You'll always want someone with a high Perception score in your party unless you think poverty is ennobling.


Wasteland 2Edit

WL2 Perception Icon

The ability to notice what others miss. The Perception skill is used to highlight objects of interest in the wasteland. Selecting the skill will search the area around you. Hovering your cursor over an item will also trigger a check.

Survival Points needed02224446668

Perception Radius(m) = 8 + Perception*0.6

Radar Radius(World map) = 20 + highestOutdoorsmanSkill*2 + highestPerceptionSkill*2

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