Wl2 portrait Pills
gender: Female
age: 24
specialization: Combat Medic
religion: None
smokes: None
ethnicity: American
level: 1
hp: 20
attributes: CO 4, LU 2, AW 6, ST 2, SP 4, IN 6, CH 4
skills: Handguns 2, Field Medic 2, Surgeon 2

Pills is one of the nine pre-made characters to choose from when starting Wasteland 2.

Pills learned her trade working in a brothel near the old Prison, healing poxed joy-girls and stitching up drunks after nightly bar-room brawls. She's good with a needle but sometimes likes the taste of her own medicine.

Equipped with a VP91Z, 24 .38 cal Ammo, 2 Pocket Medic Pack, 2 Basic Trauma Kit, Pain Relievers and a party Canteen.

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