Pizepi Joren
Wl2 portrait Vipula
gender: Female
age: 19
specialization: Custom
religion: None
smokes: None
ethnicity: American
level: 16
hp: 164
attributes: CO 6, LU 3, AW 4, ST 5, SP 5, IN 5, CH 1
skills: Energy Weapons 7, Perception 6, Smart Ass 6
location: Darwin Village
Despite her strange looks and stranger upbringing, she has an open, engaging personality and an uncrushable sense of wonder.


Pizepi is equipped with a Laser Carbine and a tactical vest. She also carries 20 Energy Cell rounds, a bottle of Pain Relievers, and her Furby.


Pizepi was one of the researchers in Darwin who was deformed into a mutant by the effects of the plague created by Irwin John Finster. She can be recruited by the Desert Rangers after they cure the diseased mutants in Darwin.

Pizepi will leave party permanently if you tell anybody about Darwin being inhabited while she is in the party. This can be avoided by removing her from party before talking with a person about Darwin.

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