Quartz hideout map
Quartz hideout roof map
Quartz hideout cellar map


  • Ugly John is found in the southernmost room. He holds Felicia hostage through a dead-man's switch and a bomb. The bomb can be disarmed with the Bomb disarm skill.
  • Ace can be found in a cell in the basement.


  • Rescue Felicia.

Misc. Edit

  • On the roof of the hideout (accessed within the tile between this building and one to the West), one can train their Perception skill up to Level 3 (granted their Rank allows it) by simply walking across the tiles sitting beside the glass skylight.
    • Strangely, continued activation of this skill check grants general XP even when Level 3 has been reached. This can exploited to gain multiple promotions much earlier than normal.

Notes Edit

  • Password for entry is in paragraph 49.


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