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Wasteland 2 Beta
This page has information from the Wasteland 2 Beta and may not be accurate when the final game is released.
WL2 Radio Tower Map Minimap


The first mission in Wasteland 2 is to investigate this location.

At the beginning of the map, just before the T-crossing Ace´s Ranger star is "hidden" in a bush. Get it and report back to "X" the old man back at Ranger HQ, who is responsible for the museum and tour.

The map contains some early level thugs at the center of the map, guarding the Radio tower. When getting close by they will challenge you to pay, fight or get out of there.

There are three caves, one with a damaged synthetic and some notes - guarded by a toad. The other is a smaller cave with a lonely, broken toaster. A third has two entrances with four Honey Badgers, and a locked chest. For the third. You need to have a really high perception rank to discover it.

In the southern part of the map are more thugs.

A plaque bolted to the chainlink reads, "Property of the Desert Rangers - Trespassers will be shot." A strange symbol has been stenciled over the notice - a peace sign that looks like a printed circuit.

After you leave the prison, you get a radio call about robots appearing at the Radio Tower, and when you return here there are robots to fight.

Dialog ChoicesEdit

Dialog Choices

Spyke Alpha

  • Play
    • Pay - 15 scrap
    • Not - fight - 65XP and random loot
  • Backyard SA - they go neutral - +-75XP
  • Pay - 15 scrap
  • Break KA - they leave to the Ranger Citadel and pay you 15 scrap +-115xp and map marker.
  • Dog HA - they go neutral - +-75xp


  • Pay - 10 scrap
  • Look KA - they go neutral
  • Problem HA - they leave


  • Hurt HA - they leave
  • Pay - 15 scrap
  • Face KA - they go neutral

Update call

  • Update - found repeaters log book metal man
    • What
      • Synthetics
      • Roger
        • Highpool
          • Tower
        • Ag Center
          • Dish
  • Copy - exit
  • task - Bring Ace's star home.
  • task - Investigate strange metal leg.
  • task - Attach the repeater units to two radio towers.


WL2 Radio Tower Map Walkthrough
  • Doors include the World and three caves
  • Quite a bit of Evidence to collect
  • Many containers, one trapped
  • Two gates, one trapped, one alarmed
  • The Radio Tower
  • A Broken Toaster
  • A Cat Shrine, +1 skill point for all characters
  • Some encounters can be rendered neutral with dialog



Pic Name Location Info
Ws2 art port mut nukepooch 01Feral Dog x2tower areaneutral, depends on dialog with Raider, Animal Whisperer
WL JunkieSpyke Alphatower areadialog, neutral, hostile, or ally
Wl2 portrait raider 9Mumblestower areaneutral, depends on dialog
Wl2 portrait raider03Slicktower areaneutral, depends on dialog, discount
Wl2 portrait raider 6Raider Cuttersouthhostile, neutral after certain dialog
Wl2 portrait raider 9Raider Gunslingersouthhostile, neutral after certain dialog
Wl2 portrait raider 7Raider Gunslingersouthhostile, neutral after certain dialog
HornyToadToadEast cavehostile, Animal Whisperer
Wl2 portrait badger01Honey Badger x4West caveeasy to take out with a pipe bomb & it unlocks the chest

After PrisonEdit

Pic Name Location Info
Wl2 portrait KillerRobot Killer x3Towerhostile
Wl2 portrait ClawerRobot Clawer x3Towerhostile


  • Unity file name: AZ10_Cops_01.unity3d

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