Santa Fe Springs is a location in Wasteland 2. When Echo Team is sent eastward, The Location becomes the Headquarters of the Desert Rangers and Hub Center for extent of time spent in the California Region of The Game.
CA 00 Santa


Log Book: Mission.

Secure the perimeter of :

Santa Fe Springs Edit

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Dialog Choices

Log Book: Edit

Secure the perimeter of :

Santa Fe Springs. Edit

We need to close any holes in the perimeter or more mutant dogs will enter the base-

Centre of the map, just behind the second base, you will find a large crane and some planks a few feet to the side, use them to patch the gaps in the walls around the base.-location circled on he map-


File:WL2 Santa Fe Springs Map Walkthrough.jpg



Pic Name Location Info


  • Unity file name: CA06_Hollywood.unity3d

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