Wl2 portrait scotchmo
gender: Male
age: 56
specialization: Custom
religion: Atheist
smokes: Coffin Nails
ethnicity: American
level: 8
hp: 56
attributes: CO 6, LU 8, AW 1, ST 4, SP 5, IN 3, CH 1
skills: Shotguns 6, Safecracking 2, Lockpicking 2
location: Rail Nomads Camp

Scotchmo is equipped with a Coach Gun, 18 shotgun shells, 3 bottles of Pain Relievers, and a wedding ring. As a companion, his chance to go rogue is 30%.

If Scotchmo is brought with you to the Gorkinovich's Distillery he will evoke the Hobo Code and circumvent the need for a speech check to peacefully resolve the drunkard blockade.

Scotchmo is a former railway man from Rail Nomad who descended into alcoholism when his wife died. He says he drinks to forget, but it hasn't worked yet.

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