Shrines are locations in the Wasteland 2 world that offer experience and items. It can also refer to statues in other game locations that can give skill points.


Shrine 1Edit

WL2 Shrine Taner Map Minimap
  • Location: E of Radio Tower
  • Discovery: Perception (Level 5 challenge) or random encounter with a travel merchant. A woman without a name ("Wastelander")
  • Items: buried in front of the statue
  • Shrine: Cats, +~100 experience
  • Quote: "ZINGER - TANER - TWINKIE."
  • File: AZ_BackerShrine_Taner.unity3d

Shrine 2Edit

WL2 Shrine Heyman Map Minimap
  • Location: SW
  • Discovery: Perception or Max Zhukov tells you after positive completion of Leve L'Upe Mine
  • Items: Combination Safe (level 2 safecrack) in car hood
  • Shrine: Large computer with joystick, +~200 experience for all
  • Quote: "VECTREX: Preferable to its predecessors, Superior to its successors."
  • File: AZ_BackerShrine_Heyman.unity3d

Shrine 3Edit

WL2 Shrine Herbert Map Minimap
  • Location: N
  • Discovery: Perception or solve the conflict at the lab in Darwin Village without killing any mutant.
  • Items: Ammo can (level 6 lockpick) hidden behind Shrine
    • random weapon, random ammo x2, random medical, PDA
  • Shrine: Large rock, +~200 experience for all
  • Quote: "Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. --GHANDI"
  • File: AZ_BackerShrine_Herbert.unity3d

Shrine 4Edit

WL2 Shrine Tan Map Minimap
  • Location: N of Ranger Citadel along side of mountain
  • Discovery: Perception or convince a bunch of raiders to join Desert Rangers.
  • Items: Dirt pile between bridge and statue
  • Shrine: 3 snake, *~300 experience
  • File: AZ_BackerShrine_Tan.unity3d

Shrine 5Edit

WL2 Shrine Moss Map Minimap
  • Location: SE
  • Discovery: Perception (high) or after pulling junk merchant's cart out of mud ( the prison entrance ).
  • Items: Container in back on bus in ditch
  • Shrine: Black rock, +~500 experience for all
  • Quote: "He who knows does not speak. He who speaks does not know." LAO-TZU
  • File: AZ_BackerShrine_Moss.unity3d

Shrine 6Edit

WL2 Shrine Persson Map Minimap
  • Location: E between Damonta and Temple of Titan
  • Discovery: Perception or ...
  • Items: none?
    •  ?
  • Shrine: Blocks. +~800 experience
  • Quote: none - written in blocks
  • File: AZ_BackerShrine_Persson.unity3d


Shrine 1Edit


  • Shrine: goblin statue, +1 skill point
  • Quote: "hopw roewur ne"
  • Door code: "FATE"(found at Redondo Beach) or LV9 Comp Sci Challenge


  • Shrine: Computer on lower level, +~1200 experience
    • some dialog options
  • Items: multiple bodies some empty, hard to see
  • Interior Hatch LV9 Lockpick Challenge
  • File: CA_BackerShrine_Schahinger.unity3d

Shrine 2Edit

WL2 Shrine Chia Map Minimap
  • Location: South of Angel Oracle
  • Discovery: Perception or Igg Humperdink from Inglewood after you defeat the Scorpitron
  • Items: none ???
  • Shrine: Table, +~1300 experience
  • Quote: "Home: Sanctuary from a hostile world"
  • File: CA_BackerShrine_Chia.unity3d

Shrine 3Edit

WL2 Shrine Dengler Map Minimap
  • Location: South of Rodia
  • Discovery: Perception or ...
  • Items: 7 lv6 and 1 lv9 landmines near car, dig-able? behind last one
    • can't dig, broken?
  • Shrine: Rock with cartoon drawing, +~1200 experience
  • Quote: none
  • File: CA_BackerShrine_Dengler.unity3d

Shrine 4Edit


Interior (submarine):

  • Shrine: Computer, +~1400 experience
    • some dialog options
  • Quote: none
  • File: CA_BackerShrine_Genach.unity3d

Shrine 5Edit

  • Location: North of Santa Fe Springs, behind 5 level radiation wall
  • Discovery: Perception or give Snake Squeezins to Doc Cleric in Los Feliz.


  • Statue of a man: +1 skill point

Interior: Underworld

  • Shrine: Underworld painting, +~ 1375 experience
  • Quote: "The Reborners: Live and die in a society that will not repeat the mistakes that led to the destruction of the world."
  • Items: garbage bag near entrance
    • random weapon, random medical x2, random ammo, Hourglass
  • File: CA_BackerShrine_Clerc.unity3d

Shrine StatuesEdit


  • Radio Tower - Inside northern Cave
  • Ranger Citadel - In middle of the Museum
  • Either:
    • Ag Center - East Field (On the fields -West side of the central building)
    • Highpool - Northern Side of the map / next to the trapdoor to the caves under Highpool.
  • Wrecking Crew Stronghold - Northern side of the stronghold
  • The Prison /Happy Valley - Eastern side of the map.
  • Darwin Village - At entrance first building to the right.
  • Canyon of Titan - Next to Gary Niger, look for a ladder that reaches a narrow hill that leads to a raider encampment.
  • Damonta - On a small cliff next to Le Saigon Restaurant


  • Angel Oracle - Southwestern side of the Colliseum; Under a tree.
  • Rodia - Northern side of map. A little above sewer entrance.
  • Culver City Brothel - In front of the brothel's entrance.
  • Hollywood - In the graveyard, in front of Rajid.
  • Los Feliz - At the intersection.
  • The Bastion - Western side of the map, close to the entrance to the Bastion.
  • CA Mysterious Shrine 1 - This map is Southeast of Santa Fe Springs (see above section)
  • CA Mysterious Shrine 4 - This map is West of Long Beach (see above section)
  • CA Mysterious Shrine 5 - This map is North of Santa Fe Springs (see above section)

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