Sledge hammer


Buy / Sell $25 / $13
Damage 3d6

A sledge hammer is a large tool, used in destruction work, such as demolishing walls in remodeling a house. Sledgehammers generally come with handles from about a foot and a half to three feet in length. Heads can vary from two to six pounds for little jobs, to up to twenty for big jobs. Sledgehammers are a classic door-breaching tool, as they provide a large amount of impulse and distribute damage across a broader area than most hammers, making them ideal for bashing in doors.

In-Game UsesEdit

Breaching ToolEdit

Breaching through weak walls and doors. Use by characters with higher strength has not yet been confirmed to yield more consistent results.

Melee WeaponEdit

Sledgehammers make good rough-and-ready melee weapons. In game, they do as much damage as a Club, Crowbar, Ax, or Pick Ax.

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