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Wasteland 2 Beta
This page has information from the Wasteland 2 Beta and may not be accurate when the final game is released.
Snake Vargas
WL ani 107
race: Human
level: Private
stats: ST 10 IQ 17 LK 12 SP 13 AGL 9 DEX 13 CHR 12 SKP 1 MAXCON 31
skills: Brawling 1 Bomb disarm 1 Swim 1 Clip pistol 1 Perception 1 Rifle 1 Bureaucracy 1 Medic 2 Metallurgy 1
faction: Mexican
location: Ranger Center

Snake Vargas is one the 4 starting party members when you begin a game of Wasteland. He comes equipped with a VP91Z 9mm pistol, 8 9mm clips, Rope, Canteen, Crowbar, Knife, Hand Mirror, and Match.

Wasteland 2Edit

Snake Vargas
Wl2 portrait vargas01
gender: Male
religion: None
ethnicity: Mexican
faction: Desert Rangers
role: Leader
location: Ranger Citadel, multiple locations

General Vargas is the ranger leader at the Ranger Citadel, and the first person you talk to in Wastleland 2.


Snake Vargas was a fun-loving ranger who often got himself involved in many bar-brawls and fights. He earned his nickname, Snake, for being a magnet for snakebites - and surviving them every time. He was part of the Ranger team along with Angela Deth, Thrasher and Hell Razor that invaded and destroyed Base Cochise, ending the robotic threat to the wasteland. After the destruction of the base, Vargas continued his career as a ranger, eventually becoming the Ranger General in charge of the Desert Rangers. He abandoned his nickname Snake sometime around the destruction of the Base Cochise and around the time of the last bar-brawl in participated in 2092. He started becoming increasingly withdrawn, spending more time in his office than in the field operations. The death of Ace in 2102, caused him to re-evaluate his priorities and he replaced Wade Woodson as the dispatcher. He walks using a cane due to his lame leg and because of that doesn't fight in the field anymore.

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