Damage 5d6
Skill Demolitions
Buy / Sell $50 / $25

TNT, or trinitrotoluene, is a yellow solid that is internationally recognized as the gold standard of explosive force. Everything from nuclear bombs to advanced firecrackers are measured against the weight-for-weight force of TNT. In Wasteland, chunks of TNT are generally used for two purposes: breaching doors and other obstacles with Demolitions, and blowing one's enemies to tiny bits (in Thy mercy...)

Breaching Doors and ObstaclesEdit

Using TNT, you can blow open doors that remain stubbornly locked, and blow open holes in weak walls and piles of debris, clearing a path. This technique sometimes does not work with TNT: with these stubborn targets, one must use Plastic explosive, LAW rockets, Sabot rockets, and RPG-7s to breach the obstacle.

Blowing Your Enemies UpEdit

In Wasteland, TNT, like Grenades, re-load after each use every round from your Inventory until all TNT has been expended.

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