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Wasteland 2 is the sequel to Wasteland.


The game is set in 2102, following the events in Wasteland 1.[1]

Game Manual: Wasteland 2 Ranger Field Manual

Credits: complete, with ~8421 backer names (~7956 $100+ KS, ~465 late backers?)

Game InformationEdit


In 2003, InXile (founded by Wasteland's producer, Brian Fargo) acquired the rights to the Wasteland title. On June 21, 2007, Brian Fargo said, "I am indeed looking into bringing back the game that spawned the Fallout series. Stay tuned...." in an interview with fan site Duck and Cover.[2] In March 2009 it was announced that Fallout creator Jason Anderson will work at InXile as a creative director on a new role playing game which might be Wasteland 2.

Unused and DeletedEdit

Unused and Deleted content: Wasteland/Unused



Digital Deluxe EditionEdit

  • Steam +Early access until Sept 19th, 2014
    • A free copy of Wasteland 1 - The Original Classic.
    • A free copy of The Bard's Tale.
    • Two digital novellas set in The Wasteland world.
    • Mark Morgan's Wasteland 2 original sound track in digital format.
    • An incredible digital concept art book showcasing many of the world's characters and environments.
  • GOG
    • GOG gift code for Wasteland 1
    • GOG gift code for The Bard's Tale
    • 3 Wallpapers (1440p)
    • Wasteland Avellone Novel (coming soon)
    • Wasteland Novella 1 (coming soon)
    • Wasteland Novella 2 (coming soon)
    • Wasteland Novella 3 (coming soon)
    • Official Soundtrack (coming soon)
    • Concept Art Book (coming soon)

Backer VersionsEdit

Various - see Kickstarter page

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