Name Armor type AC Weight Cost Sell Strength min Combat Speed
Leather JacketArmor_Tier_1_Light+25$250$75 - -
Goat Hide ArmorArmor_Tier_1_Heavy+33$250$755-.4 + (-.2 for each STR below 5)
Bullet Proof ShirtArmor_Tier_2_Light+35$500$150 - -
Steel Plate ArmorArmor_Tier_2_Heavy+47$500$1506-.8 + (-.4 for each STR below 6)
Tactical VestArmor_Tier_3_Light+47$750$225 - -
Combat ArmorArmor_Tier_3_Heavy+59$750$2254-.4 + (-.2 for each STR below 4)
Kevlar VestArmor_Tier_4_Light+59$1000$300 - -
Mobile Infantry ArmorArmor_Tier_4_Heavy+711$1000$3004-.6 + (-.3 for each STR below 4)
Kevlar SuitArmor_Tier_5_Light+611$1250$375 - -.4
Power ArmorArmor_Tier_5_Heavy+913$1250$375 - -1.0
Spectrum Assault VestArmor_Tier_6_Light+713$1500$450 - -
Pseudo-Chitin ArmorArmor_Tier_6_Heavy+1015$1500$4507-.6 + (-.2 for each STR below 7)
Exoskeleton +1 StrArmor_Toaster_Exoskeleton+618$2000$660 - -.3
Stabilized Armor +1 CoorArmor_Toaster_Stabilized+825$2000$6603-.8 + (-.4 for each STR below 3)

WL htds1 007
Wasteland 2 Beta
This page has information from the Wasteland 2 Beta and may not be accurate when the final game is released.
Name Armor type AC Weight Cost Sell Protection
Shoddy Radiation SuitsWearable_RadSuit_Level_101020060+2
Radiation SuitsWearable_RadSuit_Level_2020350105+4
Upgraded Radiation SuitWearable_RadSuit_Level_3015750225+3
Upgraded Radiation SuitWearable_RadSuit_Level_401550001500+3
Heavy Radiation SuitWearable_RadSuit_Level_501550001500+5
Ultimate Radiation SuitWearable_RadSuit_Level_601550001500+6

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