Medical and Buffs

Name Weight Cost Sell Use
Basic Trauma Kit14012req Surgeon skill 1, heals 50% during, 10% after
Pain Relievers.54514Heals 12 points of CON
Extra Strength Pain Relievers.56520Heals 10-20 points of CON
Pocket Medic Pack.5206req Field Medic skill 1, heals 20-30? or 22-34?
Small Medic Pack.53211req Field Medic skill 3, heals 35-50
Suture Kit.5155req Surgeon skill 1, removes bleeding
Antibiotics.5155req Surgeon skill 1, removes disease
Antivenom.5155req Surgeon skill 1, removes venom
Red Herb.5151req Surgeon skill 1, removes disease
Green Herb.5206req Field Medic skill 1, heals 20-30
Mixed Herbs.56520req Field Medic skill 5, heals 105-120
Banana Pudding.25015Effects: Applies Banana Pudding, +1 CON/sec +3 AP, 300 sec
Roasted Skorpions0185Effects: Applies Chasing the Skorpion, +2 Strength -2 Awareness, 500 sec
Special Squeezins.2155Effects: +2 Luck -1 Coordination 200 sec, from Gorkinovich's Distillery & Juniper from Prison

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