Name Weight Cost Sell Use
1992 M.I.T. Class Ring0.25015+1 Smart Ass
Air Jordans2??+0.5 Combat Speed, -5% Chance to Evade
Akita Figurine16520+1 Animal Whisperer
Ali's Rock352?+1 Perception
Anarchy Patch0.2??+1 AP, -5% Chance to Hit
Anna's Eagle Feather0.174?-3% Chance to Hit, +3% Chance to Evade
Army Issue Backpack0.510030-1 Combat Speed, +20 Max Water Carry, +20 lbs. Carry Weight
Aviators0.510030-1 Awareness, +5% Chance to Hit
Ali's Rock3?52+1 Perception
Blank Voodoo Doll113039+2% Critical Chance
Broken Toy Robot112538+1 Computer Science, -1 Charisma
Cat Burgler's Mask0.5?31-3 Strength, +3% Chance to Evade, +2 Safecracking, +2 Lockpick
Choice0.2??+5 Action Recharge Rate, -15% Chance to Evade
Clay Wizard Figurine0.5??+2 Perception, -5 Armor Class
Cleric's Cross0.55015+2 Surgeon, +1 Field Medic
Dowsing Rod2??+3 Demolitions, +3 Perception, -1 Speed, -2 Intelligence
Eye of Providence111033-1 Coordination], +1 Safecracking, +1 Lockpick
God's Militia Censer1??+2 Smart Ass, +1 Brute Force, -1 Hard Ass
Hourglass15015+1 Kiss Ass
Inverted Four-Leaf Clover0.1??+5% Chance to Hit, +5% Chance to Evade, -2 Luck
Lark'O'Matic 420213541+1 Outdoorsman
Luchadore Belt2??+2 Strength, -2 Speed
Luminox Watch0.2??+1 Awareness, -0.5 Combat Speed
Matt Forrestal's Ranger Star116249+1 Barter
Mk.III Camera3??+1 Smart Ass
Monocle0.210030-4 Combat Initiative, +3m Maximum Range
Mutant Kangaroo Paw3??+2 Outdoorsman, -2 Animal Whisperer
PDA0.55015-1 Coordination, +1 Mechanical Repair, +1 Computer Science
Rabbit's Foot19522-2 Animal Whisperer, +1 Luck
Shaft of Prayer115446-2 Coordination, +5% Chance to Hit, +3% Critical Chance
Pair of Engagement Rings0.5??+3 Action Recharge Rate, -1 AP
Shiny Ranger Star0.56520+1 Hard Ass
Polly10??+1 Awareness, +2 Perception, -2 Speed
Pooka Shell Necklace1??+1 Charisma, -2% Critical Hit Chance
Ship in a Bottle29529 +1 Mechanical Repair
Spiked Bracers2??5% Chance to Evade, +3% Chance for Critical Hit (Melee)
Spiked Collar18024+1 Charisma, -1 Kiss Ass
Stuffed Miniature Dog218054+1 Leadership
Sunbrella212036+20 Max Water Carry
Tool Kit2013661 +2 Weaponsmithing, +2 Toaster Repair, +2 Mechanical Repair
Three-Headed Snake Amulet0.513641 -3% Critical Chance, +2 Leadership
Unusual Bow0.29027+3% Critical Chance
Wasteland Fan Club Pin15015+1 Kiss Ass
White Death0.5110?-10% Chance to Evade, +5% Ranged Hit Bonus

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