Name Weight Cost Sell Weapon smithing Use
Grip Tape1120361 -1 Attack AP
Leather Tape2125385 -1 Attack AP +2% Chance to Hit
Light Weights4115354 +6% Chance to Hit
Heavy Weights8154466 +8% Critical chance bonus
Grand Slam Weights8165508 -10 Chance to Hit +15 Crit Chance
Computer-Assisted Stabilizationxxxx +6% Chance to Hit +10% Crit Chance
Short Barrel2150452 -4m range -2m optimal range +4% chance to hit
Long Barrel3220664 +6m max range +5m optimal range +6% Chance to Hit
Suppressor1325986 -90 Noise Radius
Flash Suppressor4320968 +12% Chance to Hit
Computer-Assisted Barrel Stabilizer5xx9 +15% Chance to Hit
Open Choke1075231 +10 cone angle -4 range
Full Choke1195594 -10 cone angle +4 range
Improved Mod Choke1185566 -5 cone angle, +2 range
Computer-Assisted Choke1xx9
Underbarrel Flashlight3068202 +4% chance to hit
Laser Sight14201267 +15 Chance to Hit
Small Scope1084253 +3 range
High Powered Scope1145445 +7 range
Tactical Scope1300907 +8m max range, +6 optimal range
Cappen RPCDX1xx9 +10% Chance to Hit, +2m optimal range
Computer-Assisted Targeting1xx9 +5% Chance to Hit +8m max range, +4 optimal range
Sturdy Mag1075231 -4% jam
High Capacity Mag1100304 -2% Chance To Jam, +4 Capacity
Quick Mag13501057 -3% Chance To Jam, -1 Reload AP

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