List of Wasteland weapons

Name Cost Weapon type Ammo capacity Ammo type Weapon skill Damage
Fists - Melee - - Pugilism 1d6
Ax $25 Melee - - Brawling 3d6
Club $15 Melee - - Brawling 3d6
Chainsaw $500 Melee - - Brawling 6d6
Proton ax $10000 Melee - - Brawling 14d6
Knife $20 Melee - - Knife fight 3d6
Throwing knife $20 short range 1 - Knife throw 2d6
M1911A1 45 pistol $150 short range 7 45 clip Clip pistol 4d6
VP91Z 9mm pistol $150 short range 18 9mm clip Clip pistol 3d6
Mac 17 SMG $500 medium range with burst/auto fire 30 45 clip SMG 4d6
Uzi SMG Mark 27 $750 medium range with burst/auto fire 40 9mm clip SMG 4d6
M17 carbine $250 medium range 10 7.62mm clip Rifle 5d6
M19 rifle $350 long range 8 7.62mm clip Rifle 5d6
Red Ryder Rifle $825 long range 62 - Rifle 200d6
AK 97 assault rifle $1300 long range with burst/auto fire 30 7.26mm clip Assault rifle 6d6
M1989A1 Nato assault rifle $1500 long range with burst/auto fire 35 7.62mm clip Assault rifle 6d6
Flamethrower $3000 medium range 60 - None 11d6
Laser pistol $8000 short range 40 Power pack Energy Weapon 6d6
Ion beamer $17000 medium range 20 Power pack Energy Weapon 14d6
Laser carbine $11500 medium range 30 Power pack Energy Weapon 8d6
Laser rifle $13000 long range 20 Power pack Energy Weapon 12d6
Meson cannon $18000 long range 10 Power pack Energy Weapon 19d6
Grenade $150 explosive 1 - Demolitions 7d6
TNT $50 explosive 1 - Demolitions 5d6
Plastic explosive $300 explosive 1 - Demolitions 10d6
Spear $35 short range 1 - Brawling 5d6
Mangler $500 medium range 1 - AT weapon 4d6
Sabot rocket $1100 long range 1 - AT weapon 7d6
LAW rocket $2500 long range 1 - AT weapon 10d6
RPG-7 $5000 long range 1 - AT weapon 13d6


Name Skill Ammo Ammo Type Damage Weapon type Range Buy/Sell
M1911A1 45 pistolClip pistol745 clip4d6Semi-AutoShort$150 / $75
VP91Z 9mm pistolClip pistol189mm clip3d6Semi-AutoShort$150 / $75
M17 carbineRifle107.62mm clip5d6Semi-AutoMedium$250 / $125
M19 rifleRifle87.62mm clip5d6Semi-AutoLong$350 / $175
Red Ryder RifleRifle637.62mm clip200d6Semi-AutoLong$12,345 / $6,173
Uzi SMG Mark 27SMG409mm clip4d6AutomaticMedium$750 / $375
Mac 17 SMGSMG3545 clip4d6AutomaticMedium$500 / $250
AK 97 assault rifleAssault rifle307.62mm clip6d6AutomaticLong$1,300 / $650
M1989A1 Nato assault rifleAssault rifle357.62mm clip6d6AutomaticLong$1,500 / $750
FlamethrowerUncategorized60Un-Reloadable11d6Semi-AutoMedium$3,000 / $1,500

AT Weapons & Explosives

Name Skill Damage Weapon type Range Buy/Sell
SpearAT weapon5d6SingleShort$35 / $18
TNTDemolitions5d6Semi-AutoShort$50 / $25
ManglerAT weapon4d6SingleMedium$500 / $250
GrenadeDemolitions7d6Semi-AutoShort$150 / $75
Sabot rocketAT weapon7d6SingleMedium$1,100 / $550
Plastic explosiveDemolitions10d6Semi-AutoShort$300 / $150
LAW rocketAT weapon10d6SingleLong$2,500 / $1,250
RPG-7AT weapon13d6SingleLong$5,000 / $2,500

Energy Weapons

Name Skill Ammo Ammo Type Damage Weapon type Range Buy/Sell
Laser pistolEnergy weapon40Power pack6d6AutomaticShort$8,000 / $4,000
Laser carbineEnergy weapon30Power pack8d6AutomaticMedium$11,500 / $5,750
Laser rifleEnergy weapon20Power pack12d6AutomaticLong$13,000 / $6,500
Ion beamerEnergy weapon20Power pack14d6AutomaticMedium$17,500 / $8,750
Meson cannonEnergy weapon10Power pack19d6AutomaticLong$18,000 / $9,000

Melee Weapons

Name Skill Damage Buy/Sell
KnifeKnife fight3d6$20 / $10
ClubBrawling3d6$15 / $8
CrowbarBrawling3d6$10 / $5
ShovelBrawling3d6$15 / $8
AxBrawling3d6$25 / $13
Pick axBrawling3d6$75 / $38
Sledge hammerBrawling3d6$25 / $13
ChainsawBrawling6d6$500 / $250
Proton axBrawling14d6$10,000 / $5,000

Semi-Auto weapons always fire one shot at a time, but continually fire as long as there's ammo in the magazine (or in the case of Demolitions weapons, as long as there are Grenades, TNTs or Plastic explosives in your inventory to keep going. Automatic weapons such as SMGs, Assault rifles and Energy weapons can fire in single fire mode, three-shot bursts, or fully automatic, emptying what is left in the magazine. The multiple shots can rake multiple opponents in the crossfire and/or do additional damage, depending on the character's skill level and number of shots fired.

It is worth noting that killing enemies with Melee weapons is not only a great way to conserve ammo, but it also gives double the experience points. However, in some fights, you can take significant damage closing the distance to engage with your Proton axes and Chainsaws, especially if your armor is light. Also, some enemies, such as the Chopters at Base Cochise (but not the weaker ones in Las Vegas), cannot be hit with Melee weapons, however - when hunting at Cochise, you should bring some heavy-duty ranged weapons to handle them.

Ranged Weapons by SkillEdit

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