Flag of West Germany

The Flag of West Germany

The Federal Republic of Germany, also known as West Germany, was a pre-war country in Europe.


Following World War II, Germany was split into four occupation zones: a French Zone in the far west; a British Zone in the northwest; an American Zone in the south; and a Soviet Zone in the east. At the time, the intention was not to split Germany, but rather to designate zones of administration.

In 1949, with the continuation and aggravation of the Cold War, the two German states that were originated in the Western Allied and the Soviet Zones became known internationally as West Germany and East Germany, respectively.

During this period NATO-aligned West Germany and Soviet-aligned East Germany were divided by the Inner German border. This was one of the major causes of the great thermonuclear war of 1998.


  • The VP91Z 9mm pistol has a design based upon the Heckler & Koch VP70, a gun produced in West Germany.


West Germany is mentioned only in Wasteland.

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